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20 bands for 20 years!


20 bands for 20 years!

I turned 20 this month, so I thought I could share with you all the bands and artists that have impacted me the most in my 20 years of life! I speak for us all when I say that I think you’ll enjoy the list. Hopefully, you find some new jams along the way! Let’s just dive in, shall we?

These are my 20 bands for 20 years:

20. Broadside

Photo by Hannah Vernueren

19. Sleep On It

Photo by Promo Image

18. Gavin Degraw

Photo by Jared Polin

17. Creeper

16. My Lonely Heart

15. Andy Grammer

Photo by Brian Higbee

14. Matchbox Twenty

Photo by Randall Slavin

13. Boston Manor

12. Two Door Cinema Club

11. Cartel

10. Walk The Moon

9. The Unlikely Candidates

8. Waterparks

7. Jason Mraz

Photo by Justin Ruhl

6. Charlie Puth

Photo by Rebecca Cabage/Invision/AP

5. Vinyl Theatre

4. Cruisr

3. MisterWives

2. Twenty One Pilots

Photo by Brad Heaton

1. Savage Garden


These bands either helped me through breakups, depression, or the very rough days of middle and high school. The very first band to start music for me was Savage Garden – my #1. Yeah, they’re an old band, their first album came out 20 YEARS AGO. They’re a relic and I do wish that they’d do a 20-year tour soon, for either their self-titled album or Affirmation (1999). Thank you for taking a look into my music

Thanks for sharing this look into my library and helping me celebrate another amazing year!


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