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Welcome to downinthepit!


We love music and we want to tell you about it.

This project became the brainchild of Ryan and Isaac exactly where you’d think… in the pit. After chatting with an opener at show, we realized how motivated we were to share good music and help aspiring artists get somewhere. We weren’t happy with the level of exposure smaller artists were able to achieve.

In that moment, we knew what we wanted to be: a method of exposure for lesser known artists.

Above all else, we want to cultivate relationships with the artists and groups we work with. Creators have a dream, usually to promote the messages that they share with their music. downinthepit is passionate about music as an art form.

Our team wants to shine light on smaller, new-to-the-scene groups and artists. Are you seeking promotion? Submit your music at our music submission form. We’re here to share good music from good people.

Together, we can change everything.


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