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Album Review: 3OH!3 – NIGHT SPORTS


Album Review: 3OH!3 – NIGHT SPORTS

We have all heard of the band 3OH!3, and if you’re anything like us, you remember Don’t Trust Me, and you can still probably sing the whole thing word-for-word. It’s been four years since we’ve gotten an album from 3OH!3, but that changed just now with NIGHT SPORTS.

This album scratches the musical itch that you didn’t even know you had.

Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte (3OH!3) wrote and self-produced “Night Sports.”  After spending the last few years producing and writing for such artists as Beck, Kaskade, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande, the two decided to return to their roots and again create what put 3OH!3 on the map—infectious music that pokes fun at pop culture. “NIGHT SPORTS” is the fifth studio album by American electronic music duo 3OH!3, released on digital retailers on May 13th via Fueled By Ramen and Warner Music.

This album is not what you’re used to. While you can still taste the original 3OH!3 in the music, this is new for 3OH!3. The album is complete with 11 songs, track list below:

  6. 7-11
  7. BASMF
  8. MY DICK



We were able to preview Night Sports, and a few members of our team wrote about their favorite songs from NIGHT SPORTS:


“Freak Your Mind” – Haley

I haven’t liked this many songs from one album in a long while. Each song on Night Sports is so fun to listen to on its own. However, when you hear the album in its entirety, it’s the perfect mixture of 3OH!3 past and pop culture present. My favorite song from the album was Freak Your Mind. Why? Because it’s high energy and has an incredible beat, making it the perfect “getting ready for summer” song.

“I’m looking for a new high, someone to help me get by.”

It has the same edgy undertones that we all loved from Don’t Trust Me, back in 2008, with a very casual spin. I can easily imagine going out dancing to this song or just jamming at a stoplight. I’m guilty of putting this song on repeat when I’m getting ready in the morning because it just puts me in a good mood. The whole album is very IDGAF, which is one of my favorite things about 3OH!3.


“Inside Boy” Isaac

Each song on the new album is so unique and catchy, it made it difficult to pick a favorite. I found myself drawn to the fast lyrics of Inside Boy. The ninth track on Night Sports is a perfect mix of Sean’s clever rapping over the bassy percussion making this one an instant banger.

“Making sacrificial offerings to annoy the demon that’s been bursting through my dreams like every night, like give me something to believe in.”

These lyrics really show how the duo is able to create an intense party anthem but also use their talented songwriting to make the song have a powerful impact. The band has really grown and improved from the previous albums and from the sound of it, this album is a great new direction for the two. While they are experimenting and expanding their musical talent and style, they have kept the same 3OH!3 sound that I enjoyed so much when I first started listening to them.  


“7-11” – Melinda

These guys really nailed this album. This song, like the rest, is incredibly catchy. I was immediately drawn to this song because of how catchy it really is. When you get to the chorus it quiets down, but not for long.

The song had a bit of nostalgia in it, I always love when artists write a song or two directly about themselves. You can see that in the lyrics:

“She said she heard of me from that album Want, she used to bump it in the Target parking lot.”

While that may not be the complete message of the song, it’s a direct comparison of where 3OH!3 was and where they now are. If we’re going to be official, I give this song a 7/11 rating. Not really, I’d give it an 11. You get it, right?


“Claustrophobia” – Ryan

This is one of the slower songs on the album… but is there such a thing as a slow 3OH!3 song? Maybe, but none that have you feeling down. This song is exactly what it sounds like, a story of feeling closed in on. You hear this story often, someone outgrowing their surroundings. It feels as if where they’re at is no longer for them.

“Claustrophobia. The walls are slowly closing in.”

This track is the description of the feelings you get when you know there’s nothing left in the direction you’re headed. At the same time, you can hear inspiration to find a new path.

I really enjoy this song, and have no problem throwing it on repeat. The same goes for most of the songs on this album. 3OH!3 came out with a straight banger. I don’t even know what that means, but it accurately describes the way I feel about this album.


“BASMF” – Val

When I first listened to this album, BASMF really caught my attention. There is a sort of nostalgia that plays through my head, particularly with the lyrics “If our shit’s so bad, why’s your sister trying to fuck us?” That verse really brings me back to 3OH!3’s sophomore album Want.

I loved the instrumentals in this song as well. When artists and sound technicians take classical music and bring it to life in modern-day, it really adds to the overall listening experience. The instrumentals of this song are simple but they have a lot of charm, helping widen their audience. 3OH!3 has always had that feeling of arrogance in their music, which isn’t a bad thing by any means. It’s that bit of charm that makes a defining signature to their music. Overall, this song is simple, yet very stylized. This album brings us back to what we know and love about 3OH!3 while adding some modern flair that many people can enjoy.


3OH!3 will be heading out this summer and hitting the road on the Vans Warped Tour for dates between 7/21 and 7/31. Attending Warped Tour this year? Find your date, and be sure to see 3OH!3 in your town!



What’s your favorite song? Let us know!


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Special thanks to Warner Music Group for the album advance!

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