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Anenon’s New Album Tongue


Anenon’s New Album Tongue

Anenon’s new album Tongue was really cool. It contains the kind of music that sets a mood without words. Filled with the flute and piano, the album also features birdsong. Lovely chirping and coos shine in the first couple tracks of the album. It goes without saying, that was my favorite part. I don’t want to call this album experimental – the music was too good for that – but it was very, very different. Not like anything else you would have listened to, which is why this is indie, right?

Different because it sounded almost like a forest. None of the tracks have vocals. Some of the tracks were based off of traffic sounds, and actually included them in the song. Anenon, based in Los Angeles, found the terrible traffic there inspiring. Whether he meant to make social commentary, though, is unclear. If he did, I am not sure the distorted musical sounds of industry really say much. Maybe the message is that anything can be turned to music.

Only instruments are used throughout, and Anenon has lots of talent. Although it is not the kind of music I would play on repeat, and I could hardly get through the whole album in one sitting, that is more a personal preference type of thing rather than a lack-of-talent thing. I guess I am not edgy enough to appreciate Tongue as an album to have on repeat.

In reality though, Anenon is a creative genius to take these ordinary themes and make full songs out of them. Furthermore, the album has some cool scales. His song, “Verso,” was especially fun because it was faster. Other than that, I think this music was really good. Props to Anenon, I’m sure it would be really fun to make an album like this!

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