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Artist on the Rise Cypress & Co. Does Not Disappoint


Artist on the Rise Cypress & Co. Does Not Disappoint

Artist on the Rise Cypress & Co. Does Not Disappoint

I first heard about Cypress & Co. through the Pop Song Professor on YouTube. When I decided to give their new single, “Underworld” a listen, I was impressed.

According to their YouTube channel, Cypress & Co. is an Alternative Pop/Rock artist based in Nashville, TN. Behind the name is songwriter Rochelle DeMint. DeMint has written songs in many different genres, such as Christian, Rock, Pop, and Rap. Her stage name, Cypress & Co. is inspired by the cypress tree which grows in difficult conditions. The band makes music to encourage people battling depression and anxiety. On Spotify, the band names Twenty One Pilots and Billie Eilish as influences.

Although “Underworld” has similarities in style to both Billie Eilish and Twenty One Pilots, the song stands on its own and has its own unique sound. In my opinion, “Underworld” is just as catchy as Eilish’s “bad guy.” It deserves radio airplay.

“Underworld,” Cypress & Co.’s third single, combines deep lyrics with good music. “Good” is an understatement. And the lyrics are relatable. In this time in the history of the world, a lot of people are depressed and disconnected from others. Now more than ever, we need songs that are hopeful and that let us know we’re not alone.

Personally, I love the song “Underworld” and I definitely recommend checking Cypress & Co. out, especially if you like Twenty One Pilots or Billie Eilish.

Listen to “Underworld” below:

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