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Artist Spotlight: COIN


Artist Spotlight: COIN

I have a confession to make… I cannot stop listening to COIN’s new song Talk Too Much. I’ll admit I have pressed replay at least ten times now. Check it our for yourself:

COIN is Chase Lawrence on synth/vocals, Joe Memmel on guitar/vocals, Ryan Winnen on drums, and Zachary Dyke on bass. Originally from Nashville Tennessee, this four-piece is spreading like wildfire across the country! Their music is catchy, upbeat, and can really put a spring in your step.

13116394_882248018568981_1680482163377072412_oTheir self-titled debut album consists of ten songs, some of the most popular being Run and It’s a Trap. This album is an ode to 90’s pop with 80’s synth. COIN reminds us of the charm of past music style while bringing in early 2000’s rock and modern-day vocals. This may sound like a mish-mash of different eras of music, but everything comes together to create a memorable music experience.

COIN has set themselves apart from other indie bands by creating a solid foundation of unique instrumentals, vocals, and personalities. This group of down-to-earth fellows understands how to bring their music to life. Their modesty and politeness during interviews is pleasant and easy on the ears. Their quirkyness in personal videos shows the interesting dynamic between the band members, showing the bond between the members. Overall, this group really gives a perspective of what life as a band really is. As their music grows it will be interesting to see how they grow together as a band!

COIN’s tour has almost come to an end, traveling from Colorado to Virginia. Their last concert, for now, will be on May 28th in Denver Colorado. With many more fans to be seen in the United States and internationally, we can expect much more to come from this little band with a big voice.


Check COIN out today:

COIN Website | COIN On Facebook | COIN on Twitter | COIN On iTunes

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