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Artist Spotlight: Jon Bellion


Artist Spotlight: Jon Bellion

This week’s artist has been at it for a while (since 2011), but we think you need to know more about him… right now. American singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper, Jon Bellion stayed pretty relevant. He’s now signed to both Visionary Music Group and Capitol Records, with whom started his solo career. While he’s been around since 2011, he hasn’t gone away, and won’t for quite some time. Jon Bellion is here to stay, and he’s never been better.

According to his facebook page, Bellion “became increasingly fed up with being asked for generic records as a 14 year-old producer.” He gave everything a try, including singing and rapping. Nothing seemed how he wants it to be, so he went for something new. At the age of 25, Bellion has really created his own musical style best described as “hip-hop meets indie.”

His obsession with moving forward and experimentation has driven him to create “solid and refreshing tunes, and in the words of Jon himself: that’s all that really matters.”

Bellion has four mixtapes under his belt, including Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1, Translations Through Speakers, The Separation, and The Definition. #TheHumanConnection, Bellion’s first album, will be released June 6, 2016.

In promotion of the new album, Guillotine was just released as a single. Give it a listen:

Like it? Go download it for free here!

Bellion career goes further than his own music, too! Bellion wrote “The Monster” for Eminem and Rihanna, “Trumpets” for Jason Derulo, and more.

Keep your eye out for Jon Bellion’s next album. It will be out everywhere, so be sure to snag a copy as soon as you can!


Go say hello to Jon Bellion:

Jon Bellion’s WebsiteJon Bellion on FacebookJon Bellion on Twitter – Jon Bellion on iTunes

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