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Artist Spotlight: Lostboycrow


Artist Spotlight: Lostboycrow

Do you ever make a musical discovery that you’re not quite ready to share with the world? Yeah, me too. I found Lostboycrow in my Spotify Discover playlist a few weeks ago, and just can’t stop listening. I can’t keep holding on to this one, it’s time that you find him too.

This Los Angeles solo artist starts with his incredibly soulful voice, throws in some pop and a dash of R&B. He’s not a tired sound, it’s something completely new and it isn’t getting old anytime soon.


Listen for yourselves: LBC just dropped “Thursday” earlier this month, and it’s just as amazing as every other song of his. Take a listen below and fall in love with his music with us.


An interesting fact about this artist is that he chooses to be identified only by the name Lostboycrow; respectable and mysterious all at the same time. Born in Portland, he moved to Los Angeles a few years ago after dreaming about it for quite some time. It was a step in his career that he knew would push him toward a community of artists that would allow him to find more of himself.

LBC takes effort and time to produce the best quality of music. In order to ensure quality music, he has worked with Dylan William of flor to produce the songs that you’ll immediately love.

Fans (maybe new fans) can continue to expect big things. For starters, a tour was just announced. Check now to see if something will be happening in your area. Tour information can be found over at


Fresh Release: The Love Won’t Sleep video was just dropped, check it out below:


Go check out LBC today:

Lostboycrow WebsiteLostboycrow on Facebook | Lostboycrow on TwitterLostboycrow on iTunes

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