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Astronaut Husband Takes You to New Worlds


Astronaut Husband Takes You to New Worlds

Astronaut Husband Takes You to New Worlds

Music has the ability to take you to a whole new world. Some do it through fancy, layered electronic beats or absurd, complex lyrics. However, sometimes it is the stripped back music with just a guitar and ghostly vocals that takes you to an unearthly realm. Through his folksy music, Astronaut Husband delivers a listening experience that will simultaneously ground you and take your mind through space and time.

Astronaut Husband is the project of Alec Grefe, who records everything in his bedroom in a small Milwaukee town. Astronaut Husband made his first official venture past the bedroom walls in 2012 with the release of his EP “Birds.” Since then, he’s released many albums on Bandcamp, including “Then & Now,” “Collection of You,” and “Changeless.”

The tracks on his albums vary; some only include the simple vibrancy of an acoustic guitar, while other tracks are more multi-faceted with different layers of depth and instrumentation. As you listen to the gentle strumming and introspective lyrics, as naomien on Bandcamp accurately put it, this music makes you feel like you’re “at home yet so far away at the same time.”

Music is often an escape, and Astronaut Husband’s music transports you to a tranquil world where you can find peace and meaning. Look out for his new album “Echoes,” coming out January 2019, for a new musical journey.

Find Astronaut Husband on Bandcamp here.

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