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Music, literature, wombats. Talk to me about any of them, or better yet, all of them at once.

    Stories By Angela

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      Take Your Ears on a Journey with Michael Barrow & the Tourists

      By May 28, 2019

      Summer has arrived, and what better thing to do than to take a little adventure and see everything rare and hidden sights have to offer. Oh, the places you’ll go and the ...

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      Jake Houlsby Takes on the Human Experience

      By February 11, 2019

      As a man who has a lot to say, and has a beautiful way of saying it, Jake Houlsby and his tender music quickly found their way into my heart. With a ...

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      Dawson Hollow Brings a Spark From the Ozarks

      By January 28, 2019

      The Ozark Mountains are a magical place, and there’s nothing more magical than family. It is no surprise that this five sibling band from the Ozarks fuses their unique sound with their ...

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      Get Lost in the Music of Van Andrew

      By January 9, 2019

      When Indie Rock meets Folk music, you get a passionate Northwest Washington singer/songwriter creating heartfelt stories with his guitar. With every tender word sung and melodic note played, Van Andrew touches the ...

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      Astronaut Husband Takes You to New Worlds

      By January 7, 2019

      Music has the ability to take you to a whole new world. Some do it through fancy, layered electronic beats or absurd, complex lyrics. However, sometimes it is the stripped back music ...

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      Michigander: The Voice of the Midwest

      By November 27, 2018

      As a native Ohioan with a family pride in Michigan, I naturally felt drawn to the music that I saw came from Michigander. This solo indie rock act stars Jason Singer at ...

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      Embark on Powerful Journeys with Tristâme

      By September 4, 2018

      Every now and then, we need that brooding song that beautifully ruminates on sadness, heartbreak, hope, and life. When that moment comes, crank up Tristâme for the best melancholic and introspective music ...

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      Galapaghost in All Its Glory

      By June 21, 2018

      Galapaghost is the solo project of Casey Chandler, a man uninhibited by a label, manager, or a band. From Woodstock, New York, he now lives in Austin, Texas writing, producing, and recording ...

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      Deciphering the Puzzle of -ness

      By June 19, 2018

      We all know the wondrous stories told by magnificent storytellers, such as Walt Disney or Stephen King. But, there are two amazing storytellers flying under the radar, singing stories that explore the ...

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      Meadowlark’s Postcard Service

      By June 14, 2018

      As much as we wish to leave the past in the past, sometimes we need one final gesture of closure before we can move on. There is pain and heartbreak and betrayal, ...

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