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Most people think best in the shower, but I find most ideas in the pit. You'll have the most luck catching me at the barrier. Connect with me today, say hi!

Stories By Ryan

  • Discover

    Half Alive Drop “Arrow”

    By January 18, 2019

    Like a hip, techno-disco dream in the middle of the night, Half Alive dropped a new...

  • Artist to Watch

    Cautious Clay

    By January 16, 2019

    Cautious Clay, also known by Joshua Karpeh is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter out of Brooklyn, New York....

  • Artist to Watch


    By January 14, 2019

    IDER, on paper, is Lily Somerville and Megan Marwick. In practice, however, IDER is the two...

  • Artist to Watch


    By January 8, 2019

    Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Lostboycrow was always interested in music – even joining his high...

  • News

    Indie Rapper Cupcakke Tweets Suicidal Message

    By January 7, 2019

    Just before 5:00PM (PST) Monday night, Cupcakke (Elizabeth Harris) tweeted a message that concerned not only...

  • Artist to Watch

    Welshly Arms

    By January 5, 2019

    Welshly Arms is an American blues rock band out of Cleveland, Ohio, where they produce, write,...

  • Review

    My 2018 Top Albums

    By December 31, 2018

    It’s that time again. 2018 is wrapping up and we’re all reflecting on the bests and...

  • Release

    Twin Shadow Drops “Broken Horses”

    By December 28, 2018

    Twin Shadow has dropped a four-track EP consisting of remixes and instrumental versions of his new...

  • News

    iHeartMedia and Clear Channel are Getting a Divorce

    By December 26, 2018

    iHeartMedia is back on the up-and-up after filing for Chapter 11 protection in March. When the company...

  • News

    The Independent Tag: An Open Letter

    By November 29, 2018

    Explicit music is always labeled, no matter where you stream it from. Why aren’t independent songs,...

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