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Ryan J, Executive Producer

Ryan is a multi-hyphenate digital creative/creator and the founder of downinthepit. You can reach him at [email protected]. #catchyouinthepit

Stories By Ryan J

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    Fresh Take: Loud Letters

    By September 22, 2018

    Close your eyes and picture this: a four minute discography, and it’s good. Now that we’ve visited that vague and confusing description, let’s get into the band. Loud Letters is a brand ...

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    Keep Your Eyes On Indie Up-and-Comers half•alive

    By September 18, 2018

    It’s not every day that a discography of four songs has over 6M listens. half•alive have made one thing certain: while new to the game, they aren’t empty handed. Dropping bangers and ...

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    Embark on Powerful Journeys with Tristâme

    By September 4, 2018

    Every now and then, we need that brooding song that beautifully ruminates on sadness, heartbreak, hope, and life. When that moment comes, crank up Tristâme for the best melancholic and introspective music ...

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    3 Reasons to See Your Favorite Band Live

    By July 19, 2018

    This last weekend I saw Sylvan Esso at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington. Not only are they an incredible group to see live, but the venue was too inspiring. Twinkly lights in ...

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    Twenty One Pilots End Year-Long Hiatus With New Music, Tour

    By July 12, 2018

    Wednesday was a great day to be a member of the Twenty One Pilots fan base. Fans woke up to a two new songs, a music video, an album release date, and ...

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    Are Twenty One Pilots ending their hiatus?

    By July 10, 2018

    If you’re a Twenty One Pilots fan, chances are you’ve gotten wrapped up in the crazy that has become of these cryptic teasers. Cryptic emails and secret websites have left fans scrambling ...

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    The Summer Jams Keep Coming With Cavern Company

    By June 28, 2018

    If you follow our playlist, vibe with us, you’ll know that we’ve latched onto this new release from Cavern Company. If you don’t follow our playlist, you should – new jams are ...

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    MÒZÂMBÎQÚE is the Backtrack to Your Dreams.

    By June 27, 2018

    Last week, we featured a new release, Year of Self from Talk Time. As it turns out, there’s more than one project happening between the members. Enter Talk Time’s drummer, MÒZÂMBÎQÚE, an LA-based ...

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    Galapaghost in All Its Glory

    By June 21, 2018

    Galapaghost is the solo project of Casey Chandler, a man uninhibited by a label, manager, or a band. From Woodstock, New York, he now lives in Austin, Texas writing, producing, and recording ...

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    Deciphering the Puzzle of -ness

    By June 19, 2018

    We all know the wondrous stories told by magnificent storytellers, such as Walt Disney or Stephen King. But, there are two amazing storytellers flying under the radar, singing stories that explore the ...

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