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Ryan J, Executive Producer

Ryan is a multi-hyphenate digital creative/creator and the founder of downinthepit. You can reach him at [email protected]. #catchyouinthepit

Stories By Ryan J

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    Confused about life? Chris DuPont can help!

    By March 19, 2018

    Life is a never-ending journey to find something — the special someone, a purpose, a place to belong. That is something everyone struggles with, and folk singer/songwriter Chris DuPont is no exception. ...

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    iTunes LPs are about to be a thing of the past.

    By March 7, 2018

    After almost 10 years, Apple will halt submission of iTunes LP packages this month. Those who previously purchased LPs will still have access to them. While music lovers and vinyl collectors may ...

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    iHeartMedia inching toward bankruptcy

    By March 5, 2018

    iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel Communications) is preparing to file for bankruptcy as early as today, according to several sources. The company owns more than 850 radio stations in the United States. Founded ...

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    Spotify Files for Public Offering, Identifying as SPOT

    By February 28, 2018

    Music streaming service Spotify is officially going public and has just released their filing. Under the ticket symbol “SPOT,” the company joins the ranks of the New York Stock Exchange. Spotify is ...

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    There’s Giant Magic in the Air

    By February 26, 2018

    When you’re little, you hear stories about mean, evil giants that you learn to fear (I’m looking at you, Jack and the Beanstalk). Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve found some ...

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    Everyone’s Family When You’re Judah & the Lion

    By February 22, 2018

    Judah & the Lion are a Nashville based folk pop, hip-hop, rock and roll group who mesh their many sounds and talents into one, successful musical motion. As an independent band, Judah ...

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    And the award for loveliest band goes to…

    By February 16, 2018

    lovelytheband! A new indie pop band has appeared in the last year and found its way into the hearts of many Spotify listeners, marking the beginning of a successful journey with their ...

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    Brooding with the Broods

    By February 7, 2018

    There is no better story than a brother/sister duo that is creating meaningful music. With Georgia Josiena Nott on lead vocals and multi-instrumentalist Caleb Allan Joseph Nott on production and backing vocals, ...

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    Living in the Anthropocene is easier with Peter Oren

    By February 6, 2018

    Are you in need of a pick-me-up song? If so, Peter Oren is not the guy for you. Alternatively, are you in the mood for a dose of brutal existential honesty? You’re ...

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    Cough it up, Streaming Services. New Ruling Raises Royalties from Apple Music, Spotify, and More.

    By January 29, 2018

    Songwriters and music publishers will see a 44 percent increase in royalties over the next year, say US copyright authorities. A decision made by the Copyright Royalty Board of the US Library ...

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