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Brooding with the Broods


Brooding with the Broods

There is no better story than a brother/sister duo that is creating meaningful music. With Georgia Josiena Nott on lead vocals and multi-instrumentalist Caleb Allan Joseph Nott on production and backing vocals, Broods is an indie pop/electropop duo appropriately named for both the meaning of family and the feeling of brooding in their music.

Originally from New Zealand, they’ve made it on the New Zealand album and single charts many times and received national acclaim by making it on the United States charts as well. Their debut EP “Broods” was released early 2014, and they have since released two more albums, “Evergreen” later in 2014 and “Conscious” in 2016.

I first discovered Broods with their song “Freak of Nature” feat. Tove Lo. The lyrics were haunting and really spoke to me, and the soft instrumentals mixed with the strong drum beat as well as Georgia’s soon-to-be-familiar Broods vibe mixed with Tove Lo’s tender yet powerful vocals to create a song that drew me into the Broods world.

When talking about the idea behind “Freak of Nature”, Georgia said, “People will often look at somebody…with a mental illness or somebody that feels like they’re different and they’ll look at them and say, ‘It’s okay. I’m going to fix you,’ when sometimes it’s not even what needs to be happened. Like, you don’t need to be fixed.” It is exactly this raw message behind the song that Broods dares to tackle and create into something beautiful that made me an instant fan of their work.

When I looked them up on YouTube, I listened to “Free” next, which played with a completely different vibe. The heavy electropop beat carries the tune, and the liberating lyrics give this chilling song a feel-good nature. After this and “Freak of Nature”, I was happily hooked.

Broods just went on a European tour with Tove Lo in 2017, so while they are not currently touring, keep an eye out in the future for this dynamic duo that is quickly taking the indie pop industry by storm.

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