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LANY and Odessa

One of our new favorite artists this year is LANY. Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss all met in Nashville and decided to get together and see what they could create. The amount of popularity and recognition that they have received for their early work (uploaded to Soundcloud) was unexpected by the band members, leaving them to continue.

The band has worked hard to release two EPs, and touring artists such as Troye Sivan and Ellie Goulding. We got the amazing opportunity to go down to Salt Lake and hear them perform at The Venue with Odessa.

The show opened with the folk vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Odessa. As soon as she took the stage, the venue was filled with her musical talent and a bright personality. Odessa has an amazing story of how she decided to pursue her music career fully after a horrible bike accident that was a scary moment in her life. Her unique style of folk inspired by many artists was a perfect opener for the show.

lany cover photoLANY played many songs off the latest MAKE OUT EP including my favorite song off the ep, “Bad, bad, bad”. The perfect mix of smooth synth, a warm drum kit, and the dreamy vocals of Paul Klein are something I can listen to over and over without getting tired. Lany is definitely comfortable on stage and from the very start of the show they had a deep connection with everyone in the small venue. Lany had some upbeat songs on the setlist such as, “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS”, “ILYSB”, and “youarefire”, but the majority of their musical style is slower and downtempo.

The songwriting and musical talent of the three is different to most artists in their genre. We were fortunate to hear a slowed down version of “I Don’t Care” with Paul on the keys. The band likes to take a lot of their songs and slow them down for a new sound, different from the EP. You really get to enjoy the amazing vocals of Paul in these stripped down versions.

Right now you can listen to LANY’s two EPs on Spotify and their new single, “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS”. We can’t wait to hear more from LANY and we definitely recommend catching them live! All upcoming shows can be found on the band’s website.

We also highly recommend giving Odessa’s latest self-titled album a listen. Unfortunately, this was her last stop on the LANY tour but we hope to hear more from her in the future!

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LANY Website | LANY on Facebook | LANY on Twitter | LANY on iTunes
Odessa on the Web | Odessa on Facebook | Odessa on Twitter | Odessa on iTunes

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