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Confused about life? Chris DuPont can help!


Confused about life? Chris DuPont can help!

Life is a never-ending journey to find something — the special someone, a purpose, a place to belong. That is something everyone struggles with, and folk singer/songwriter Chris DuPont is no exception.

As a University of Michigan alum who studied recording, he originally got into music by listening to his grandfather and father. With his unique chilling baritone voice accompanied by his fluent guitar work, DuPont creates something beautiful out of life’s turbulent confusion. His newest album from 2015, Outlier, navigates life’s challenges by documenting his greatest battles in his new role as a father. The vast intuitive talent DuPont has with various musical techniques, including looping, harmonics, body percussion, and of course his unforgettable guitar, creates a world where your troubles seem to melt away and you feel a sense of belonging you can’t find in reality. His music is nothing if not vulnerable because he gives us a glimpse into his personal take on life’s journey, which is precisely what makes it so inspirational and peaceful.

Additionally, he traveled to The Ark, a personal favorite venue in his hometown Ypsilanti’s neighbor, Ann Arbor, to record Live in A2 in June 2016. Released in May 2017, he reveals the bare bones of his emotions to an extreme level in this album by singing his classic originals live in the ultimate intimate setting. He earned the distinction of being ranked as the #1 live album on Ann Arbor’s 107one best album countdown of 2017, so this album is definitely worth checking out.

Recently, DuPont welcomed a second baby boy into his family, so expect more songs to come about his continuous journey through the maze that is fatherhood and family, love and life, as he grows both as a musician and a father.

There’s just something hypnotizing and beautiful about his instrumental and lyrical music that tackles subjects so raw they are heavy and dark at times. Human nature is filled with violence, forgiveness, rebellion, and love, and Chris DuPont reveals this truth as he takes us through this hectic maze called life one step at a time.

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