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Dawson Hollow Brings a Spark From the Ozarks


Dawson Hollow Brings a Spark From the Ozarks

Dawson Hollow Brings a Spark From the Ozarks

The Ozark Mountains are a magical place, and there’s nothing more magical than family. It is no surprise that this five sibling band from the Ozarks fuses their unique sound with their strong bond to create albums that are nothing short of magic. Dawson Hollow consists of musicians Ben, Aaron, Rachel, Kyle, and John Link, who have performed together in some form since 2002. After previously being in family folk bands The Link Family and then later Link Union, the rebranded Dawson Hollow, the sibling-only band, is the new voice of this generation of musicians.

While everyone contributes to singing and songwriting, this diverse band also features 18 instruments, including a tin whistle, fiddle, mandolin, cello, and banjo. Using these old time instruments and sounds to make fresh and modern beats, Dawson Hollow’s style mixes the depth of traditional folk music with electronic vibes, rock ‘n’ roll edge, and contemporary folk vocals. Their tight-knit harmonies and compelling stage presence draws in an audience looking for the unexpected and the familiar in the same song.

Their debut album, “Boy of my Youth”, released in 2018 thanks to a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign, and it demonstrates this indie-rock folk band’s ability to express themselves with their expanded style. The first single from the album, “Lonesome Wolf,” is a catchy anthem for the lonely with its pounding beat and candid lyrics. With the second release, “Take Me There,” the song encapsulates the warmth and nostalgia of home. This music video, as a sequel to the video for “Lonesome Wolf,” is shot at the family farm in Dawson, Missouri, a place that holds cherished memories for all the siblings, evoking many emotions for everyone. One of my other favorites of the album is “Silver Moon,” a relaxing tune with many layers of hypnotizing sounds. All the songs on the album experiment with a variety of instruments and a mixture of style, keeping you entertained with something different for 13 songs.

Everyone knows that siblings can be a handful, but Dawson Hollow proves how powerful and magical siblings can be when they work together for the same passion. As you listen to their wonderful take on folk music, it is endearing to see and hear such a wholesome and innovative band and brand come from the Links’ love for music and for each other.

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