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Embark on Powerful Journeys with Tristâme

Embark on Powerful Journeys with Tristâme

Every now and then, we need that brooding song that beautifully ruminates on sadness, heartbreak, hope, and life. When that moment comes, crank up Tristâme for the best melancholic and introspective music to cleanse your inner soul by taking it on a poignant journey through every emotion that exists, even if the words to describe it escapes you.

Tristâme is the musical project of singer/songwriter Rami. Syrian-born and New York-based, Rami creates layers of music that express a wide range of emotions with his somber voice. The first full-length Tristâme album, Unraveling Horizons, came out in 2009. This debut album follows the thoughts and emotions of a “passive explorer” who never truly lives life, merely dreaming of unfulfilled aspirations. From unexplored ambitions to life-changing turmoil to a revitalized rebirth, these 11 songs represent a transformative and meaningful journey through the passages of growth and life.

Rami recognizes the power of music, which inspired his charity EP Common Ground. In light of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis that has affected millions of people and left hundreds of thousands dead, Tristâme released four songs in 2013 that touch on the importance of finding common ground in light of the constant violence and suffering that shadows over Syria. With his music, he channels the helplessness and pain he feels into a gateway that gives Syrians an escape from conflict and politics. Drawing from his personal experiences in the past and the hope he has for the future on an issue that has afflicted his homeland, all proceeds of Common Ground go to organizations helping Syrian refugees.

The first Tristâme single, “Grey Together”, was released in 2016, a cloudy eulogy about lost love. His latest single in 2017, “Silent Treatment”, deals with the deafening weight of silence while yearning for communication and connection. Though his releases don’t come out often, he is currently working on a South American-themed collection of songs, which will feature these singles, that is set to be released in 2019. From how “Grey Together” and “Silent Treatment” sound, this new collection will surely hit the right spot.

Sometimes, sad music is the best medicine to treat your sads, and a healthy dosage of Tristâme is guaranteed to make you feel better. Keep an eye out for Tristâme’s new releases, and in the meantime, reflect on all the emotions that his heart-speaking music and contemplative lyrics evoke.

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