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NEW ALBUM ALERT: Florence and the Machine!


NEW ALBUM ALERT: Florence and the Machine!

Alert! Alert! Florence and the Machine dropped a new single, “Sky Full of Song”, and are rumored to be announcing the release date of their new album High as Hope soon. A new album – by Florence and the Machine! As I’m sure you can tell, I am just a little excited.

Florence and the Machine’s last album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful from 2015 was a banger. My favorite songs, “Delilah” and “Ship to Wreck” were homages to the long journey fame has brought Florence Welch. In fact, the inspiration to the album was the partying-too-hard experiences Florence had along with a bought of depression. Now, that the band is releasing a new album, I cannot wait to see the theme and inspirations to it. The new single, “Sky Full of Song” discusses similar themes. She sings about being homesick and wanting rest. Maybe the new album will take us on another journey as Florence and Machine continue their journey into the music industry.

Either way, I cannot wait for the new album to drop. That would mean a tour. I already missed one chance to see her perform and I will not do it again. Florence Welch has one of those ethereal voices that I think would sound unreal live. But what would I know? To this day, Florence and Machine’s first album, Lungs still contains their most played songs (“You Got the Love” and “Dog Days”) so it will be neat to see the impact her new music will have on this. Maybe this album will take over their legacy and leave Lungs in the dust. Although I do not think this will happen, new music by Florence and Machine is welcome anytime.

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