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Freya Ridings’s Magical Cure


Freya Ridings’s Magical Cure

Freya Ridings’s Magical Cure

We all have that one person in our lives we can never forget. That one moment we replay in our heads over and over and over again. That one thing we wish we never lost and could have forever. When that pain is overwhelming, your heart aches. And when your heart aches, you either listen to music or you write it. Lucky for you, there is a new artist on the rise that captures this pain many experience and transforms it into something beautiful.

London-based singer, songwriter, and pianist Freya Ridings appeared on the music scene in 2017 with indie ballads that explore the human condition. Her two albums, Live at Omeara and Live at St. Pancras Old Church, bring the music outside of a studio and directly into your heart with these intimate recordings.

Her hit single “Lost Without You” looks at that intense moment of regret and loss that changes the course of someone’s life. The way Freya sings, “I think I’m lost without you / I just feel crushed without you”, brings a rich depth to these simple lyrics as she plays a beautiful piano accompaniment that is simple and poignant just like her words. Freya’s voice carries the emotion many of us fear to face with a strength and power that shines through her music.

Freya’s newest single “Ultraviolet” is officially being released on June 15. There is a preview of the song sung live at a soundcheck in Belgium on her YouTube channel that is tantalizing enough for you to count down the days until the full song is available. Meanwhile, she is on a UK tour this summer and fall, so there is a chance to see her perform on the stage exactly what she delivers on her live albums, but with the extra special treat of being graced with her presence. Freya’s voice is magical, and her music has the ability to soothe heartaches of any kind.

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