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From Indian Lakes – Acoustic Tour


From Indian Lakes – Acoustic Tour

Our team took a trip over to Salt Lake City to see our first show at Kilby Court. As you know by now, we saw From Indian Lakes. Joey and Justin (of From Indian Lakes) played, but not after Utah Locals – Spirit City, and Soren Bryce. All artists joined for the night to play their own versions of an acoustic show.


Spirit City Music

Photo via Spirit City on Facebook

Spirit City:

Locals always get a bad rap. The public tends to expect local bands and artists to not be worth their time or energy. We all forget that local shows are where bands and artists get their starts.

When we showed up to the From Indian Lakes show, all that was on the schedule was “LOCAL”. We decided to keep our minds open, one of the best things we could have done. We were a tad worried to see that five people were setting up on stage, but it absolutely did not detract from the sound or quality of the show. Spirit City introduced themselves and began to play one of the best sets we’ve heard from a local band in a while.

They played a few songs that haven’t been released yet, but you have our word that they’re worth the (future) listen. Each song had meaning you could not only hear, but also feel. Each member of the stage played collectively to create a show, not just a song.

While some of their songs had a deeper, more reflective tone, Spirit City still managed to keep the crowd engaged and excited. Even if the mood was down or sad, singer Nate Young wasn’t afraid to ask everyone to “get up” and “jump”.

Spirit City was a breath of fresh air for opening, local bands. Every one of us at recommends you go check them out anywhere you can. Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, wherever. Give them a listen and throw them some support. The band is worth your time and effort, they really deserve it.


Connect with Spirit City:

Spirit City Website | Spirit City on Facebook | Spirit City on Twitter | Spirit City on iTunes


Soren Bryce:

Soren Bryce

Photo via

Soren Bryce made the stage hers. With her various guitars and decorated keyboard, the stage was hers. Soren Bryce really reminded us of both Lorde and Birdy, but she really made her own spin of things throughout her set.

The night’s standard was to keep the mood light, Soren Bryce made sure to smile and laugh off the heavy thoughts after she finished each song. Constantly switching from keyboard to each of her guitars, the message was clear: Soren Bryce knew what she was doing up on the stage, and she definitely belongs there.

We were graced by several original songs from Soren Bryce’s latest EP. Past the originals, we even got to hear Soren Bryce give her take on Drake’s Hotline Bling, ending up better than the original.

A few times during the set, her lights flickered and strobed. Whether or not Kilby Court’s lighting is entirely customizable, this appropriately fit the way her music flowed. The abrupt sound changes and trance-like movement of her words and singing fit right in with the lighting of her show.

Her sound is best described as strange experimental sounds with folky vibes and poetic organization. She’s very abstract with her sounds, words, and motions. Her powerful vocals back her interesting and intriguing sound in such a way that absolutely hooks you. We will definitely keep our tabs on Soren Bryce.


Connect with Soren Bryce:

Soren Bryce Website | Soren Bryce on Facebook |Soren Bryce on Twitter |Soren Bryce on iTunes


From Indian Lakes

From Indian lakes

Photo by Anna Larina

For this acoustic show, we were joined by Joey Vannucchi and Justin Stanphill. While they may seem like few, they played the show of many.

Joey was on guitar, vocals, and keyboard with Justin on drums (there was only one), guitar, and vocals as well. Together, they played the best acoustic set the has seen.

We were graced with the opportunity to not only see the show, but also watch sound check. Constant jokes were thrown back and forth about Joey singing the “jazz versions” of his songs. We were all a little disappointed that nothing became of this.

All jokes aside, the two put on such a great show, no complaints made. Joey even put up with the audience yelling song suggestions at him. After listening, he made a joking (or maybe not) comment that he and Justin had lost the set list a few days ago. Whether it’s true or not, they didn’t act confused. The show was solid. Through every song played, the vocals were just as enchanting and meaningful as they are in the records (but of course, better).

Further than just the content and sound of the show, Joey is one of the most respectful band members we’ve watched take the stage. After every (single) song, he approached the mic to give us a quick “thank you”. Though a small gesture, it really solidified the connection with the audience.

One vocal fan asked if Joey would play “Your Son”. After Joey telling the fan that he’d need to see 50 push ups first, the idea of the performance was sort of brushed off. It wasn’t until the encore that Joey came back that the subject was revisited. Jokes were made all night about the fans ‘loving to be sad”. Whether it’s true or not, we sure loved being sad while with Joey and Justin. Joey gave one last song and showed us what it was really like to hear Joey Vannucchi play “Your Son”.

The entire experience was so amazing, we owe it all to the choices made by From Indian Lakes. The venue was intimate, the lineup was perfect, and the show was great. After From Indian Lakes had finished their set, they came out into the Kilby Court courtyard to spend some time with their fans. It was at this point that we were able to catch Joey for a few questions: For starters, that was a really great show, and we’re extremely thankful t have been a part of that in the way we were. We have a few questions for you, is that okay?

Joey: It depends, what kind of questions? Well, I think they’re cool. The first one is “What kind of music have you been listening to on this tour?”

Joey: Okay, I like that one. On this tour? I’ve been listening to Alvvays, I’ve been listening to them a lot. I got into them while we were in Europe, because they blew up over there. I’ve been listening to them a lot, and a lot of Nils Frahm. A lot of that, and … I don’t know. I’ve mostly been listening to a lot of podcasts. Podcasts are always fun!

Joey: Yeah, the guys I’ve been listening to are like, Tame Impala, which I do like! But I’m one of those people were like, everyone I’m with and everywhere I go is playing something, I don’t know if it’s fair to say that I like, listen to it or have attached myself to it. It’s so casual. Every time I walk into the house I hear something, and while I do like it, I’m not going to sit down and listen to the record. So, maybe in like a year, I’ll be into a lot of stuff. That’s fair, I like it. If it’s changed, what is your favorite song to play?

Joey: I really like to play The Bells. I know that’s cool, because I never get to play it, but I know that it’s important to a lot of people. So there’s like a really weird relationship, so it’s cool to be in a place where, of course, you have to play it. Instead of wondering “is it okay if i play it?” You know what I mean? Yeah, I noticed earlier you were talking about how you noticed it’s a favorite and thought it was funny.

Joey: Yeah, I think that’s really strange. Most downloaded, most streams. And it’s like, millions and millions of difference between it and the next popular song. It’s crazy, which I think is cool. It’s whatever. I know we’re in Salt Lake City, but we’re from Boise. It’s where you’re playing tomorrow. Do you know what you’re doing/do you need any suggestions? Do you have a favorite place in Boise?

Joey: Oh, so you want me to ask questions now? Only if you need to!

Joey: I’ve been to Boise a few times. I like that one coffee shop. It’s fancy… The Flying M? Downtown?

Joey: Maybe, that sounds familiar. It’s downtown, I walked to it. It was big and wood, and the lights, and you know. That sounds right. They gave me free coffee and it was really nice. Those were our questions. We just want you to know that we loved the show. Your messages are all very important, your sound is great.


After the show in Salt Lake City, Joey put on a condensed, acoustic show at the local record store, The Record Exchange. The show was all ages, in promotion of his Boise show later that day. Of course, our team attended this show as well. From Indian Lakes is worth a drive to see a show. If they come close to you, we highly recommend going to see them!

From Indian Lakes has a few more shows left with Soren Bryce. Catch them at a show near you soon! Sound like a plan? Grab a ticket here.


Connect with From Indian Lakes:

From Indian Lakes Website | From Indian Lakes on Facebook | From Indian Lakes on Twitter | From Indian Lakes on iTunes

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