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Galapaghost in All Its Glory


Galapaghost in All Its Glory


Galapaghost in All Its Glory

Galapaghost is the solo project of Casey Chandler, a man uninhibited by a label, manager, or a band. From Woodstock, New York, he now lives in Austin, Texas writing, producing, and recording his music with his friend Federico Putilli, completely free to create the music that is meaningful and true to him.

His first two albums, Runnin and Dandelion, were released under a small Italian label called Lady Lovely. In 2016, Chandler self-released his third album, I Never Arrived, and his newest album Pulse came out early 2018. His music was also featured in Il Ragazzo Invisible, a major Italian film, as the official title song on the soundtrack.

The brilliance of Galapaghost lies in the poetic lyrics sung in mesmerizing melodies over enchanting harmonies. To let his words speak for themselves, below are some of my favorite lyrics from some of my favorite songs.

  • “I Never Arrived”: “Time standing still / Can I be who I use to?/ Surprise / I never arrived / Surprise / I thought I could fly”
  • “Science of Lovers”: “Every silent morning I’ve spent / picking myself apart / Every lifeless photograph is / Tearing me apart / Suppose I lie and say I love you / Suppose you do the same / Is it better not to know / Or is it better to be alone”
  • “Mazes in the Sky”: “And everything we see and everything we feel drops / Into an endless space that time can’t erase, it stops / It’s the only thing we have / The only thing left to grasp / And the only thing we have to lose”

The latest single music video for his single “Pulse” was inspired by the Orlando shooting massacre at the Pulse nightclub. Using historical footage of the Holocaust and other clips, this song evokes a reflection on humanity and the heartless, senseless killing that is rampant throughout the world. “You kill them all again / all the brilliant minds of mankind.”

His fifth album, Sootie, is currently in the works and is set to be released in the autumn of 2018. Galapaghost continues to create beautiful American folk music that is calming and thought-provoking and unique — just like its name.

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