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Hibou – Treefort Warmup Gallery


Hibou – Treefort Warmup Gallery

Hibou has been to Boise a few times, but we were extremely excited to have a chance to go see and support them again, just the other day. In promotion of the Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Hibou played an all ages set at the Record Exchange in Boise. Hibou played a six-song set including some of the favorites: Dissolve, Above Us, and Glow. Of course, Hibou also played that night at the Neurolux with Hey Marseilles.

Our team had the chance to snag a few photos during Hibou’s set at the Record Exchange in Boise. Check them out here!

We also had the chance to sit down with Peter Michel, of Hibou, after his set at the Record Exchange in Boise. Peter set some time aside before his show at the Neurolux to answer some of our questions. Check it out here!

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