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Hibou – Treefort Warmup


Hibou – Treefort Warmup

Hibou has been to Boise a few times, but we were extremely excited to have a chance to go see and support them again, just the other day. In promotion of the Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Hibou played an all ages set at the Record Exchange in Boise. Hibou played a six-song set including some of the favorites: Dissolve, Above Us, and Glow. Of course, Hibou also played that night at the Neurolux with Hey Marseilles.

We also got the chance to speak with Hey Marseilles. If you’re interested, that interview will be coming tomorrow!

Our team got the chance to sit down with Peter Michel, of Hibou, after his set at the Record Exchange in Boise. Peter set some time aside before his show at the Neurolux to answer some of our questions. Here’s how it went: How has it been going on the new tour?

Peter: It feels like our first day was yesterday since we got to go home after Canada. Last night was the really the first night that’s felt like we’re on tour. It’s been a change of pace, we’ve slept at a frat house. It was huge, like 35 people living in this house. I haven’t been in a frat house before, but it seemed huge. But yeah, it’s been going well so far. It’s hard to give an overall feeling, because we haven’t gotten there yet. But so far, so good. Even though it’s the beginning of your tour, how has it been with Hey Marseilles?

Peter: Well I know Sam, who plays cello and bass, pretty well. My old best friend was dating him for quite a long time, so I used to go to his house and play around with him in his studio. He lives with several of the other members in the band. They’re sweethearts. They’re definitely more like, I don’t know what the right word is. Maybe, hmm… It’s tricky. Our music is very defining. We can be very rambunctious when it comes to having a few drinks in our system, and they’re much more of drinking their red wine. That’s the main difference. We’re trying to get them pretty crazy, it’s only day three. I know you’ve been busy, you’ve been on tours. Which one has been your favorite?

Peter: I don’t know, that gets down to like what you define a tour, we’ve played three or four tours with Metric. We would definitely count those.

Peter: Okay, I’d say the Metric tour then. Just because.. not even necessarily that I felt like those shows were that amazing, it just changes your entire perspective of touring to be treated that well. You just feel so comfortable, they really take care of you in those venues. And it’s not that I don’t love touring, it can just get very tiring, not being able to get any sleep. When you show up at a venue and they’re like “here’s some really nice couches you can sleep on, showers, bathrooms, and catering.” It’s just like “woahhhhh”. If that were always the case, then I’d tour non-stop. What is your favorite song to perform live, whether it’s yours or not.

Peter: Oh, in any setting? Sure!

Peter: I really, I’m like a huge Bright Eyes nerd, and I love getting down with some Conor Oberst songs. Milk Thistle is always a fun song. But, if I’m talking Hibou stuff: I don’t know. It changes from night to night, but Glow is always the last song and it feels like any energy I was saving in the set is all out then. It’s like my one little work out for the day, so I try to get all that sweat out on stage. What is your favorite concert that you’ve attended, but not been a part of?

Peter: Again, Bright Eyes. At the Paramount theatre in about 2011. Blew my mind. After that, probably Dirty Projectors- they’re so good live. Have you ever seen them? No, we haven’t. We will definitely check them out.

Peter: Dirty Projectors are probably one of my all time favorites. Do you have any artists or groups that inspired you early on to pursue music?

Peter: Yeah, totally. Green Day was a huge one. I got really into green day when I was in middle school. That stemmed off into Offspring, that went to Blink 182. They were all gateways into different bands. Definitely Green Day. That was when music became a reality to me. It wasn’t just The Backstreet Boys anymore. I used to walk around with my parents and I would hate going on vacation with them, so I used to take my cassette player. I had this little Backstreet Boys cassette that I would play over and over and over again. I thought I was so cool. I don’t think I was, now.

Photo by Ryan Benson Are there any challenges of having a tour-only band?

Peter: No, I couldn’t really do it any other way. I’ve tried playing in bands and stuff and I’m a total control freak. When it comes down to it, it’s really hard for me to write music with other people and try to compromise. That’s like what being in a band is, is constantly trying to compromise. It’s so fun on the road, but so far I’ve not felt comfortable releasing anything that I’ve cowritten. It’s definitely cool to be able to say “That’s Peter, it’s all Peter that you hear.”

Peter: It sounds like I don’t work well with others, but I’m not saying that it can’t change. Maybe one day, Hibou or another band will be Peter being able to tolerate and work with other people. Not yet, I’m not there yet. We were talking with them earlier, and we asked a little but we’d like to ask you. How did you get to know the other guys you’ve been touring with?

Peter: This was the first time that it’s really been like a gun for hire kind of situation. I posted on Facebook and eventually got in contact with these guys solely for the purpose of going on tour together. It was a little nerve-wracking. the first time I met the guitar player was the day of our first show. So it was like “what if he’s a total freak?”. It’s an interesting group of people. Andrew, the bass player, comes from just playing rap music. This is his first introduction to the whole rock and roll thing. He’s slowly adapting and learning how different playing an indie show is from a rap show. It’s a whole different crowd. Dillan, the guitar player, is mainly a session guitarist who plays mainly folk and country. Occasionally, I’ll be like “can you make it a little less twangy and a little more surfy?” And then Tom, the drummer, has played in a few bands that are local Seattle bands, so we’ve crossed paths a few times. He was the first one I met and it’s kind of started the whole “it’s possible to meet people and tour with them” thing. That’s my first experience with that, and it’s going well. That’s definitely good to hear. I know you’ve been here a few times, but I’m not sure how many times you’ve been to Boise.

Peter: We used to play at The Crux when it was still a thing, at least twice. I always walked by The Neurolux and looked at it like “man, I wish we could play there” and now we get to play here, so yay! That’s really exciting to be able to fulfill a dream like that! What are your thoughts on the rest of the area here in Boise? Have you ever had time to explore.

Peter: What’s that pizza place? About five blocks that way…? (It took us a while to figure out which direction Peter was pointing, even though we live here) Piehole?

Peter: Piehole. Yeah. That’s the first thing I think about when I think about Boise. I love Piehole. I’ve never had a bad experience with Boise at all. It seems to be full of very sweet people and it seems like it has very strongly built-in youth (that are very interested in the music scene). That’s very important to me. That’s what I would say, the perfect example is you( is a team entirely consisting of members under 21), so right on. Keep doin’ it. It’s definitely different from Seattle, though.

Peter: Yeah, Seattle has so much going on. Any given night, there’s like 40 events that you can attend. Everything gets split up and people care a little less. But it gets worse, I couldn’t have as much success in a place like New York or LA. Seattle is doable. Where are you excited to go? On this tour, or maybe even a dream performance destination?

Peter: I’m super excited to get some sunshine. We’ve had record-breaking rain in Seattle this year. I don’t mind the rain, but ooooooh it’s been a lot of rain. So just getting into like Texas and California is something I’m excited for. I’ve never been to South By before, so I’m kind of anxious to see how that plays out. Have you guys been to South By? No, never.

Peter: Yeah, I hear it can be a headache. Especially when we’re playing like seven shows in one day, so we’re trying to get through a city that’s been turned into a festival. It just sounds stressful, but I’m excited for it as well. Yeah, It sounds really exciting!

Peter: And then, as far as a place I would be excited to play, I truly miss Italy a lot. They’re the best crowds I’ve ever played for. They’re so real there. I’d be very excited if I ever get to go back there. They go nuts. Is there any announcements or message you’d like to push?

Peter: Probably not, I’m always bad at that. I never know what to say with the “any final words” kind of thing. Yeah, we just want to catch anything else you might want to say.

Peter: Right, you have to ask that, though. But yeah, no. I don’t have any final words. That’s fair, just want to make sure we don’t want to miss anything! Best of luck with the show tonight, thanks for the interview!


We also had the chance to snag a few photos during Hibou’s set. Check them out here.


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