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Hibou at the Knitting Factory


Hibou at the Knitting Factory

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Hibou (pronounced *eee-booo*) open for a sold out Phantogram show in Boise, ID at the Knitting Factory. I was blown away from the first note I heard.

First things first, let’s clarify. Things get a little confusing when you ask how many people are in hibou. If you’re listening to a recording, Peter Michel does it all. If you’re hearing them live, the band consists of Peter, Dillon Maxwell, Sam Peterson, and Spencer Miller. Hibou is based out of Seattle, the hometown of Peter.

Fun fact: “Hibou” is French for “owl”, Peter has mentioned that this has to do with a spiritual experience he had with an owl. Another fun fact: Hibou is signed to Barsuk Records, known for artists such as Death Cab For Cutie, Ra Ra Riot, and of course, Phantogram. I find it extremely suitable for them to share this label with these bands. Hibou has a very soft, meaningful feeling that’s communicated in each and every one of their songs; you can feel that the songs are a bit out of the ordinary.

Through all songs, Hibou makes such blissful sounds that you’ll find recognizable. Hibou played a 37 minute set in Boise, not a single one wasted. If we’re being honest, the music calmly made its way to my ears and right into my heart. Hibou played a great set of songs from their debut album, “Hibou”. My personal recommendations are “Shutter Song” and “Dissolve”. Hibou covered “The Way I Feel Inside” by The Zombies, only further proving their excellence. A favorite move of Peter’s is clearly a spin with his guitar. If I took one thing away from this concert, it was that Hibou enjoys themselves on stage. I will forever appreciate a musician or band that can have fun while performing.

I got the chance to chat a little bit with Peter after the show. We didn’t exchange too many words, but I got to see how personable he was. If anything, his personality solidified my interest in the band. He’s a great guy, with a great sound, trying to do great things.

I encourage each and every one of you to check out Hibou today! The sound is spectacular, I’m assuming you’ll side with me on that one. I may not be right about much, but I’m pretty sure about this one.

Hibou Vinyl set

If you like them enough, support the band and check out some of their merch/music here. I just grabbed their vinyl the other day, and it was one of the best investments I’ve made. It came complete with a lavender scented insert.

Having started in 2013, these guys have toured with Metric, Phantogram, and they’re headed onto a tour with Hey Marseilles this coming March! They’ve come a long way in a short time, and I expect to hear a lot about them. Definitely be sure to keep an eye out for Hibou, I know I will.




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