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Independent Artists Can Now Upload Music to Spotify


Independent Artists Can Now Upload Music to Spotify

Independent Artists Can Now Upload Music to Spotify

Spotify announced a new beta feature allowing independent artists to upload their music to Spotify, via a blog post on Thursday.

Working with independent artists and labels including Noname, Michael Brun, VIAA, and Hot Shade to develop the system with artist’s needs in mind. Artists will be able to log into their Spotify For Artists account, upload music, and fill in the metadata information. Artists will also be able to schedule their music to go live.

Spotify upload portal, courtesy of Spotify

The new tool will allow indie artists to reap the benefits of their content directly, bypassing distributers and label costs. Artists will now be able to collect 100 percent of the royalties through Spotify – the tool will allow them to track these as well.

Spotify royalty tracking tool, courtesy of Spotify

The feature is only available to a select group of artists in the US, by invitation only. New artists may be invited through their mailing list in the coming months.


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