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June Featured Album Artwork


June Featured Album Artwork

Searching and scouring, we’ve compiled our top picks for the month. Enjoy our June featured album artwork, in no particular order.


necrodeathmortNecro Deathmort – The Capsule

Just like the music from The Capsule, the album artwork is haunting. It appears to be a monster or possibly a shadow. Either way, the macabre mood is clear. There is a sense of mystery keeping you on your toes through the experience. Nightmares abound when you look at this illustration, a reminder of past terrors that have awoken you from a deep slumber. This album cover keeps you wondering what is lurking beyond the fog.


PrintMinor Victories – Minor Victories

I confess, I’m a huge sucker for minimalism. There’s a sort of magic to minimalism, the meaning can be very subjective with certain abstract artworks. The album cover for Minor Victories’ self-titled debut album can be interpreted many ways.  Just like the cover, the music is dimensional. There are many sides, each coming together to create something whole. The instrumentals and vocals come together to become something greater without over thinking it. There is definitely beauty in minimalism that can be appreciated by all audiences.

ThankfulWebDarren Hayman – Thankful Villages Volume 1

Thankful Villages is one of the most interesting albums I have seen this year. The album cover illustration is incredibly humble. For those who may not know, a thankful village is where every soldier returned alive from World War 1. This album is a project to document stories and other details about 54 of these thankful villages. From the illustration, you may be confused on the overall theme. However, once you begin listening, you will start an amazing adventure into the past. The art of this album may be modest, but there is so much more than meets the eye.


stillparadeStill Parade – Concrete Vision

The album cover for Concrete Vision seems to take you to another dimension. The art correlates well with the out-of-this-world synth and vocals of this album. The colors blend well together, keeping the viewer asking questions. The color palette reminiscent of the 1970’s, this unique art gives a great representation of the album’s music. Overall, the album art is curious. Curious in the best possible way.


Rival-Sons-Hollow-BonesRival Sons – Hollow Bones

The album art is gorgeous, no doubt about it. There is so much going on in this painting. The music in this album is colorful and gritty. Similar to the cloud breathing wolf, the music is ready to create a storm. The illustration leaves a lot to the imagination. It makes you wonder what to expect from the group. What you get is just as beautiful as the album cover. If you want something proud and fierce this album is definitely for you.

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