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Keep Your Eyes On Indie Up-and-Comers half•alive

Keep Your Eyes On Indie Up-and-Comers half•alive

It’s not every day that a discography of four songs has over 6M listens. half•alive have made one thing certain: while new to the game, they aren’t empty handed. Dropping bangers and nailing one-take music videos isn’t something that just anyone can do.

half•alive is vocalist Josh Taylor, drummer Brett Kramer, and bass player J Tyler Johnson. Remember these names, because they’re taking the scene by storm.

Taylor challenged himself three years ago to write 50 songs in 7 months. Many of these songs have powered the vision of half•alive.

“‘still feel.’ was song #11 on that 50 song list, although back then it had a different title and belonged to a different genre entirely. The song sat comfortably in an 8×11.5 back leather inch notebook for quite some time before it was ready to see the world. Now look at it; in its prime, and shakin’ its booty like its 1979,” the band writes on their website.

Artful and creative, these three aren’t afraid to bury messages in their content. Hidden meaning and thoughtful lyrics are just the beginning of the world that half•alive is claiming. half•alive’s EP 3 was released in 2017 and is available here.

half•alive will take the stage at the Moroccan Lounge on October 29 in Los Angeles. It won’t be easy to snag a ticket, though. The show sold out in two days.

Keep your eyes open and ready for this group.

Bonus: go watch Josh’s 2015 vlog for a peek at the writing process for ‘the fall.’

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