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Laura Doggett Has Done the Beautiful


Laura Doggett Has Done the Beautiful

Over the summer, one of the shows I watched ravenously was the crime drama Broadchurch. One of the many great songs associated with Broadchurch was the song that played during its season 2 trailers, “Old Faces.” I didn’t realize at the time, but it was written and sung by Laura Doggett, who I would discover, unaware that it wasn’t for the first time, just last week again on Spotify.

From the city of Bath in England, Doggett sings what she sees. Her EP Into The Glass was released in 2015, containing four songs featuring a stunning talent. Her haunting, deep voice sounds broken, but behind it is a strong soul creating powerful music that she believes in. There is a comforting edge to it that is completely unique, though it does draw my mind toward Florence Welch. However, Laura Doggett’s sound and music is hers, completely mesmerizing and attention-grabbing. The emotions with which she sings transcend the musical plane and leave you captivated with everything you hear.

My favorite song on the EP “Beautiful Undone” had me hooked instantly. Doggett does a beautiful job capturing the weight of the heart with startling tense-yet-gentle vocals in the intro and outro that flow with the push/pull rhythm of the song. Doggett’s music videos are amazingly produced, combining a sense of the mystical with the realism of what she sings about. Her single “Phoenix” is the epitome of this enigmatic sound that is growingly-characteristic of what she performs — mysterious music that will leave you craving for more.

Doggett is currently working on new music that should be released soon, so be on the lookout for this artist exploring all her voice has to offer. For her, music is an escape, and that is exactly what she offers her listeners with a voice unlike any other.

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