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May Featured Album Artwork


May Featured Album Artwork

In a new feature, we will be exploring the industry for creative, exciting album artwork. May has brought us five of our favorites to share. Enjoy the May Featured Album Artwork!


2016jamesblakethecolourinanythingJames Blake – The Colour In Anything

The album was creating by Sir Quentin Blake a popular illustrator and children’s writer. The overall feel of this artwork gives off a gloomy disposition and a sort of longing. This cover really brings out the feeling of the music of this album: longing, change, mourning, emptiness, and beauty. The art is simple yet brimming with mixed emotions.



Little_Scream_Cult_Following_coverLittle Scream – Cult Following

This album has many contradictions, colorful and dark. Fun and moody. Little Scream stated on the song Love as a Weapon is meant to be a classic pop song for rebellious dance and crying. The cover of this album ties in well, especially in this case. There is a sense of rebellion and confusing emotions. There is the feeling of teen love, frustration, fun, and fighting.


a4124207003_10Seratones – Get Gone

 The art of this album is bright and sharp. The artwork seems raw similarly to the music. Bright, rebellious, and ready to rock. Rockets, all seeing eyes, and horses wouldn’t seem to tie together so well but the artist made it work perfectly.  The geometric patterns running through the artwork really brings everything together. All in all, the album art screams rock and roll.


Konnichiwa_by_Skepta_coverSkepta – Konnichiwa

This album art is minimalist quite the opposite of the music in this album. There is a sort of rawness to the album cover that reminds you to never judge a book by its cover. The album art keeps us asking questions giving no hint to the genre, feel, or true theme. This album in a way speaks to me. It’s that feeling of wanting to open the letter and really see what’s inside. It leaves you asking what message does this person want me to understand. 


310cc5e7Flume – Skin

 Flowers, beautiful flowers, so simple and elegant. In this case, flowers are taking a more abstract form and adding a bit of wonder to the album. It proves that there is a sort of mystery and wonder in things you can see in everyday life. The flow of the flower leads your eye up to the album name and artist name.  The dominant colors in this album are pleasing to the eye and clean. The use of CGI is beautiful in this album art and the rendering is excellent. It is a great thing to see CGI and music coming together in a unique way.

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