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Meadowlark’s Postcard Service



Meadowlark’s Postcard Service

As much as we wish to leave the past in the past, sometimes we need one final gesture of closure before we can move on. There is pain and heartbreak and betrayal, but life continues on and we all deserve to be loved. Meadowlark gives their listeners one last escape from the sadness and frustration of previous relationships to open up a future filled with happiness and love.

Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley are all too familiar with the strength it takes to move on. Both artists had successful careers prior to the band, with Kate making hit covers on YouTube and Dan playing in rock bands and directing music videos. However, there was an emptiness in their lives that was leaving them unfulfilled. So they did the unimaginable — they left and started from scratch, forming Meadowlark, a band name that was not only a good fit, but also meant to be for multiple reasons.

They’ve recorded chilling singles like “Quicksand” and EPs including Three Six Five and Paraffin, leading to their debut album Postcards that was released in 2017. With their title song being an ode to an ex-lover, Kate and Daniel invited their fans to get involved. On their website, you can send an anonymous digital postcard to someone from your past. With 300 words, you can say what you’ve always wanted to say but never could, for whatever reason. They featured some of the postcards they received in their music video, whose cinematography was beautifully moving. The postcards were a mix of heartbreaking and hopeful, but they were all raw and honest.

Everyone has baggage and loose ends — that’s what makes us human. These things weigh really heavy on people’s hearts, and Meadowlark gives them both a musical and physical outlet to say how they feel. With pain comes courage to say the forbidden, and “Postcards” is an anthem of love for the present and acceptance of the past by opening up the soul and letting the ghosts free.

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Ryan J , Executive Producer
Portland, OR He/Him

Ryan is a multi-hyphenate digital creative/creator and the founder of downinthepit. You can reach him at [email protected] #catchyouinthepit


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