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Most Unique Indie Record Labels


Most Unique Indie Record Labels

Indie music literally means music made with independent record labels (or entirely independent of a label, but not for the purpose of this post). It does not define a specific genre of music, as many think, but a specific kind of music. Therefore, Vance Joy, who recorded Nation of Two under the Atlantic Recording Corporation technically is not indie. However, Triathlon, with their album Online recorded under record label Broken Circles, is. As I go through my music, I find some pretty unique, interesting label names. Some of them are downright hilarious.

The first records label I researched was Double Double Whammy. Double Double Whammy produced albums for artists like Frankie Cosmos. I really like the name of the label. Next I looked up True Panther Sounds. This record label is based in New York, New York and had a variety of artists including King Krule and ABRA. Saddle Creek is another independent label from Omaha Nebraska with artists like Big Thief and Bright Eyes signed under them. Saddle Creek seemed to be an indie label with the special of indie music. However, the next label really caught me by surprise.

Mom+Pop Records is an independent label based in New York City, and they have so many different artists signed under them! I first came across Mom+Pop because of FIDLAR. FIDLAR recorded Too under this label. However, this record label also has big EDM names like Jai Wolf and Flume as well as R&B’s Alina Baraz. I thought it was pretty neat to see a small label with everything from punk/metal to EDM and even R&B. Not to mention, theses are popular artists as well. Good job Mom+Pop!

Next, I looked at Counter Records, a popular EDM label with artists Giraffage, ODESZA, What So Not, and RAC to name a few. The label Park The Van was another label with a cool story. Established in New Orleans in 2004, it was the result of a Dr. Dog release. Now, the band Magic Numbers has pretty much taken over the label. Their pictures and band name fill the website. I mean fill it. I chose the label 672794 from the band Still Woozy (a jazzy, kind of alt band) and could not find any information on it other than the band Still Woozy records under it. Maybe it is Still Woozy’s own label. Anyway, how cool is it that they used numbers instead of words? I tried to find information on the label Mutally Detrimental, used by Tennis on her EP Conditionally Yours. Once again, all I could find was information on Tennis.

This record label hunt actually taught me a lot about all the different kind of artists signed under them and how prolific independent labels are. Let’s go indie!!!

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