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Music Is Better Together


Music Is Better Together

Five years ago, I stood in the pit of an intimate concert venue, admiring an opening artist that was just beginning his set. While this was the first time I had seen this artist, I was already wondering about my next opportunity to catch one of his shows. After the concert, my friend Isaac and I met him at his merch table and, as you’d expect, we told him that he had to come back. He responded, “I’d love to, but I need your help.” While it was not the response I was expecting, it stuck with me.

It was only a matter of days before I purchased the domains, threw up a website, and created downinthepit. After all, it is the role of fans to support their favorite artists. Without fans, an artist can’t easily create music, release a new album, or go on tour.

Beginning with small (at the time) artists like Daya, Blackbear, and From Indian Lakes, we found our footing. We partnered with college radio stations like University Pulse at Boise State University, eventually launching our own podcast. We dabbled in audio and video and learned boatloads – and we’re excited to share more soon. (If you would have told me that, five years later, I would have written the top Google result for “Die Antwoord Pedophile,” I would have laughed in your face.) Most importantly, we began the pursuit of fostering community, inspiring innovation, and quenching curiosity.

Throughout the years, we’ve been privileged to work with some amazing individuals who joined us as writers and photographers. Many of my friends have stepped in to lend a hand to the project, too! Personally, I have loved every minute that I’ve gotten to spend working with other inspired music lovers. Positive or negative, every experience has reinforced one common value: community. This team, the artists we write about, and the scene that we support, all compose a collective base of music lovers.

Today, we’re launching a new brand, complete with a logo and tagline that better represent our values. We’ve been embodying this brand for years now, we’re just flipping the switch to show it on the outside. Beyond having a more cohesive, recognizable brand, we’re also adopting a new brandmark.

Whether you see d+p for downinthepit (yeah, we know), headphones, or music notes, you’re right! We developed a symbol that would mean something to everyone and we’re so excited to use it.

Through this project, I’ve experienced so many new things and met so many amazing people. I look forward to the experiences and relationships I’m yet to discover. At the end of the day, one thing still stands true: music is better together.

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Ryan J , Executive Producer
Portland, OR He/Him

Ryan is a multi-hyphenate digital creative/creator and the founder of downinthepit. You can reach him at [email protected]. #catchyouinthepit


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