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Newsboys United: A Show You Don’t Want To Miss!


Newsboys United: A Show You Don’t Want To Miss!

Newsboys United: A Show You Don’t Want To Miss!

A few weeks ago I got to see the Newsboys on their Greatness of our God tour!

The current Newsboys: Michael Tait, Duncan Phillips, Jeff Frankenstein, and Jody Davis are touring with two members of the original band, Peter Furler and Phil Joel, as Newsboys United.

There are two opening acts for the tour – Adam Agee and Ryan Stevenson. Although he only performed three songs, Adam Agee did a terrific job getting the crowd involved at the show. Ryan Stevenson had a longer set, including a few songs his kids wrote, and “Speak Life” – a song he co-wrote with TobyMac.

After the opening acts were finished, there was an announcement that the Newsboys were going to sponsor a child through ChildFund International and anyone else who decided to sponsor a child would get to meet the Newsboys after the show. Then there was an intermission so everyone would have a chance to get signed up.

After that, there was a countdown to when the Newsboys would come on stage. The lights and graphics as they came on stage were awesome. The current Newsboys lineup took the stage and began the show with their song, “Born Again.” The light show did not disappoint. Throughout the concert, Michael Tait did a great job introducing the songs. Later on in the show, singer Peter Furler and bassist/singer Phil Joel joined the band on stage. Kevin Max, previously a member of DC Talk with Michael Tait and TobyMac, came out to sing with the Newsboys as well.

At one point they called a volunteer from the audience to help them perform “Jesus Freak” – a DC Talk song. The volunteer was to rap TobyMac’s part of the song since TobyMac was the only member of DC Talk that wasn’t at the show.

At the end of the concert, the band left the stage without playing “God’s Not Dead” – one of their most popular songs. The crowd started cheering “God’s Not Dead! God’s Not Dead!” and the band came back out for an encore of “God’s Not Dead.”

The concert was a really good experience. The crowd was involved and it was so fun! The songs were better live than on the album.

If you can make it to a Newsboys United concert, I highly recommend that you go – I’d like to go again on this tour myself. For the show I went to, the seats were $26 a seat and buy one get one free. If you’d like to see a concert for free, they’re always looking for volunteers to help out at the show in return for free seats.

Disclosure: downinthepit was not provided with a ticket to this show and was not paid for this review.
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