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Nashville’s NIGHTLY make incredible debut with “XO”



Nashville’s NIGHTLY make incredible debut with “XO”

Nashville definitely isn’t a place to produce bad music. This is especially true when it comes to NIGHTLY, a two-piece consisting of Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta. NIGHTLY is self-described as an “alt-pop outfit. soundtrack to our youth. night, love you.”

NIGHTLYCapeci and Beretta have worked together before, both previous members of Dinner and a Suit. The two made a note on Dinner and a Suit’s facebook page to let fans know about this new adventure. If the music coming from these two is anything like Dinner and a Suit, we’re in for a treat.

This band has the most incredible aesthetic appeal, and all of us at are huge fans already. If this group can make fans of us with one single, who know what’s coming.

The group has just released their debut single, ‘XO’. The song is about being in an unhealthy relationship that feels good in the moment, or when you’re together, but you know it’s not right. “That conversation always sucks and no one likes having it.”

With the mix of heavy guitar, bass drum, and infectious beats, this song will have you ready to start the day, power through the afternoon, or get you ready for a night out. The three-minute track is just long enough to hook you, and keep you coming back to listen again and again until these guys drop something else.

Within seconds, you can find similarities to other artists/groups such as The 1975, flor, and maybe even a bit of Lostboycrow. Whoever you compare them to, they make good music and sound amazing.

While this track is a goodbye, NIGHTLY has only just said hello. They have our attention, and hopefully yours. Stay tuned for the incredible things that are to come.


Go support these incredible guys:

NIGHTLY website | NIGHTLY on Facebook | NIGHTLY on Twitter | NIGHTLY on SoundCloud

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