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Portugal. The Man Kicks off National Tour


Portugal. The Man Kicks off National Tour

Portugal. The Man brought the energy as they kicked off their nationwide tour this week. The popular alt/rock group, based out of Portland, played in front of a packed house at the Knitting Factory in Boise, Idaho.

Portugal. The Man, based out of Portland, Ore., just started their nationwide tour that is going until the end of July. The first stop was in Boise and they brought the energy for the crowd.

The Knitting Factory is known for its close, intimate setting, which made it seem like the crowd was almost on top of the band.

Photo by Dan Oekerman

Portugal. The Man opened the show with some of their more classic songs, and really brought the crowd to life early on. The anticipation of the crowd was palpable as they eagerly awaited what was going to be played next, between songs.

Early on in the show, they played their new hit “Feel it Still,” a song about fighting apathy in today’s world, which is quickly rising up the charts. The band also released an interactive music video for the song, which can be found here

For fans of the band, there were many welcoming additions to songs, such as long guitar solos, and a bit of freestyling on the lyrics, which gave the audience a different view of songs they have heard many times before. Even the slower parts of the concert still had people bobbing to the beat and still kept people engaged in the show.

Even though it was the first show on a long tour, Portugal. The Man put together a seemingly very polished and well put together show. Fans who are going to his later shows on the tour are in for a treat, and will not be disappointed, which the band never seems to do anyway.



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