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“SHADOWS” – the New EP You Don’t Want to Miss!


“SHADOWS” – the New EP You Don’t Want to Miss!


“SHADOWS” – the New EP You Don’t Want to Miss!

I first heard of Cypress & Co. a few months ago from a YouTube video by the Pop Song Professor. Since then, Cypress & Co. has quickly become one of my favorite artists.

In 2019, Cypress & Co. released three singles; “Good Day,” “Through Hell,” and “Underworld.” On January 31st of this year, the artist released a new EP called “SHADOWS.” As a fan of the band, I was eagerly awaiting the EP from the time it was announced.”SHADOWS” is six songs including the three original singles. Of the three new songs, (“Intro,” “Real,” and “In the Dark”) “Real” is my favorite – in the days following the release of “SHADOWS” it was the main song I was listening to.

Now you might be wondering, “Who is Cypress & Co?” Based in Nashville, TN, Rochelle DeMint takes on the name as the band’s lead singer and songwriter. She chose the name “Cypress” because cypress trees can thrive in difficult conditions. Cypress has said on social media that Cypress & Co. includes everyone who supports the music – both the band and fans are “& Co. According to the artist’s YouTube, Cypress & Co.’s “mission is to empower listeners who battle depression, anxiety, or other mental illness.” I think that Cypress & Co.’s music will help people who are struggling.
With honest lyrics and alternative pop music, it’s not surprising that Cypress & Co.’s musical influences include Twenty One Pilots and Billie Eilish.

While there are similarities between Cypress & Co. and their influences, this small band definitely has their own unique sound.

“SHADOWS” is available on all major streaming platforms.

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