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Spotify Group Sessions Have Arrived


Spotify Group Sessions Have Arrived

As if to fill the void caused by canceled and postponed shows, Spotify has unveiled its latest project: Group Sessions. The feature allows two or more Premium users to share control over music playback.

Note: this feature currently only allows one playback device, meaning you cannot listen with your friends online.

The feature can be used among roommates, friends, and family. To get started, a host will tap the Connect menu in the bottom left corner of their play screen, then share their scannable Spotify Code. This allows the host and guests full control over the music and queue, with changes syncing all devices at once. Up to 100 users can connect at once and sessions end after an hour of inactivity.

The streaming service already offers collaborative playlists, but real-time collaboration is new to Spotify. Long-time subscribers may remember when Facebook launched something similar back in 2012, allowing users to listen in on their friends’ music.

Spotify says users will need to physically occupy the same space in order to use the feature.

Group Sessions have been in testing since last year, as unveiled by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong in May 2019.

The feature is launching into beta, which means it’s still being tested. Group Sessions will be available to Premium users, including those under a Spotify Premium Family plan. While you may not see it right away, all Premium users will have the feature once the rollout completes.

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