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Take Your Ears on a Journey with Michael Barrow & the Tourists


Take Your Ears on a Journey with Michael Barrow & the Tourists

Take Your Ears on a Journey with Michael Barrow & the Tourists

Summer has arrived, and what better thing to do than to take a little adventure and see everything rare and hidden sights have to offer. Oh, the places you’ll go and the people you’ll meet. As you drive across the country through the smallest of towns with the sun shining and music blaring, play the perfect road trip playlist that must include Michael Barrow & The Tourists for the best summer vibe.

From Provo, Utah, under the leadership of vocalist Michael Barrow, The Tourists consists of Trevor Harmon (lead guitar), Reed Perkins (drums), Alessandro Improta (bass), and Zach Collier (keys). Together, they create a blend of folk and rock music complete with soulful vocals and poetic lyrics that make you want to call yourself a Tourist.

Their debut album “Juneau” was released in May 2017. Barrow’s smooth vocals, Harmon’s poignant guitar solos, and the haunting words evoke a passion and sorrow in “Sad Song” that makes this song aptly named. Their single “Sing Me Something New” is more upbeat but still carries that magical sound that Barrow and the Tourists have claimed as their own. And it doesn’t stop there. Their newest live EP, Santa Barbara Sessions, dropped in March 2018 and contains acoustic versions of songs from “Juneau,” covers of other indie tunes, and a new original song, “All I’ll See Is You,” a powerful anthem of love and strength: “I think we give the devil too much credit for everything we’re doing to ourselves.” With this, the Tourists have added yet another truly beautiful song to their repertoire.

Michael Barrow & The Tourists create music that is calm and soothing, the perfect backdrop as you escape reality and drive through the back roads of North America. You are able to forget any problems and worries that exist in your life as you sift through the feelings of happiness and sadness, completeness and emptiness, fulfillment and smallness that the Tourists ultimately bring to the surface. This band will take you on a mental and emotional journey with their words and music, so bring them along and let them accompany you on your journey as you relax and explore this summer.

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