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The 1975 Releases A Sharp New Single


The 1975 Releases A Sharp New Single

The 1975 Releases A Sharp New Single

The 1975’s music has been a magnet to both crowds of teenage girls as well as the alternative scene. Between their more risqué songs like Sex to a rip-your-hear-out ballad like If I Believe You, The 1975 has been spitting out hits since their beginning. Now, a new single is upon us.

Just to go over a quick background of the band, in 2013, The 1975 released Chocolate, which became immensely popular both the United States and the UK. Chocolate was one of four singles released from their first self titled album, The 1975, which debuted as number 28 on Billboard 200 charts after its release.  In 2016, the band, led by lead singer Matt Healy, released another incredibly popular album, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. ILIWYS was beautiful, electric, and left their fans wanting more.

Now, two years later, The 1975 have released their first single, Give Yourself A Try.  Upon first listening to the single, I noted that it doesn’t resemble what a “typical” 1975 song sounds like. More upbeat and energetic than their pasts singles (such as Medicine), Give Yourself a Try has an energy I wasn’t expecting. My hope was to hear another emotional, slow ballad such as Somebody Else or Robbers. However, upon listening a few more times, I warmed up to the new, and explicit, single. Matt Healy holds nothing back with his lyrics which I believe perfectly capture the dark struggle facing many young adults today. It seems as though it is the norm now to suffer with anxiety, depression, and suicide while simultaneously striving to become accepted in society while also learning to love and accept oneself. Matt poses the question to his audience, “Why don’t you give yourself a try?” In a society that pushes an agenda of how to look, dress, and act, Matt’s question is more of a challenge to accept yourself despite the expectations continually piled on us.

The 1975’s new album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, is set to release later this year. I’m preparing myself for a totally different vibe, but I’m excited.

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Alexandra Rothman is a media and journalism student studying at the University of Miami. She currently is spending her spring semester in Los Angeles, where she is taking classes and working as an intern for a public relations firm. Her two favorite things are music, and her yorkie-poo named Maci.


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