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The band that is The Band CAMINO


The band that is The Band CAMINO

Searching for a new, fresh, indie-rock group to soothe your ears? Look no further and listen here. From Memphis, TN, four-member group The Band CAMINO has only been around two years, but they’re quickly gaining the attention and recognition they have worked hard to earn.

Originally with an independent record label, they released two critically-acclaimed EPs, My Thoughts on You and Heaven, that contain exploratory music from a broad spectrum of influences to establish their own distinct sound with soft tones or pop vibes and insightful lyrics on self-reflection, nostalgia, pain, and desire. Consisting of Jeffery Jordan (lead vocals/guitar), Spencer Stewart (keys/guitar/vocals), Graham Rowell (bass), and Caleb Hughes (percussion), The Band CAMINO is the product of these four musicians creating an indie/alternative/pop blend that is both vocally and instrumentally compelling.

From their 2016 album The Band CAMINO on Audiotree Live (the full session can be found on YouTube), “I Spend Too Much Time in My Room” has become my personal anthem. I first heard it after I spent an entire weekend in my room without talking to anyone on a college campus of almost 45,000. A song about mental illness, solitude, peer pressure, and societal norms, this is my favorite of The Band CAMINO. It’s a perfect example of the sensitive issues that their music tries to grapple with and transform into something beautiful. Another personal favorite, “Young”, captures raw emotions and vulnerability, showcasing Jordan’s ability to make your heart cry, merely with his voice. No matter what song you listen to first, this group is sure to hit the heart in a bittersweet and powerful way.

Currently in the works is the recording of their third EP, set to be released early 2018. For now, catch them on their North American winter tour with The Dangerous Summer in January and February 2017!




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