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The unwritten rules of stage diving and crowdsurfing


The unwritten rules of stage diving and crowdsurfing

Stage diving and crowdsurfing can be incredibly fun and are standard practice at punk, indie, emo, hardcore shows, etc. With that being said, these acts can be very dangerous and require a certain amount of caution.

Believe it or not, there really are not any written rules to crowdsurfing and stagediving, other than the crowdsurfing/stage diving rules for a given venue. Due to this lack of rules for these actions, here is a list of rules that should be followed when stage diving or crowdsurfing at a show:

  1. Know what you are doing: Crowdsurfing and stage diving can be very intimidating, so bring a friend along who has done either before or consult another show-goer. People who go to punk/indie shows are generally friendly so do not be afraid to ask. Do not just climb onto to the shoulders or backs of others. Be respectful and ask someone to help you up.
  2. Respect the people below you: When crowdsurfing, you are lying onto of other people’s hands. Do not climb your way to the front. Let people move you forward, so you can either precede to stage dive or head back into the crowd.
  3. Know your size: This goes without saying. If you are over 200 pounds, you should not be crowdsurfing or stage diving. Landing on top of smaller people who cannot catch you is incredibly dangerous and is why bands like Joyce Manor and The Hotelier have banned these acts from their shows.
  4. Respect the bands and other stage divers when you make it to the stage: Do not mess with, touch, or harm bands or other stage divers in any way. Artists are human beings and want their shows to go as smoothly as possible without you ruining it for them. We all just want to have fun. Do not try to make any sexual advances on artists. This specifically refers to an incident where a stage diver went up to kiss both Brianna Collins (Tigers Jaw) and Britty Drake (Pity Sex) on their tour in 2014.
  5. Have fun: Once again, we are all here to have fun. Try not to be too aggressive when going to shows. People just want to see their favorite bands. They really don’t want to get accidentally punched in the face or trampled. Be careful and gentile. We are all in this together.
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