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There’s Giant Magic in the Air


There’s Giant Magic in the Air

When you’re little, you hear stories about mean, evil giants that you learn to fear (I’m looking at you, Jack and the Beanstalk). Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve found some of the nicest giants ever that you’re going to love — and luckily, this isn’t a fairy tale.

Magic Giant is a truly magical trio originally from Los Angeles when they formed in 2014. They traveled across the country in their solar-powered mobile recording studio beautifully named Queen Elizabeth to record their debut album In The Wind that released in 2017. Promoting a reckless, free lifestyle that embraces love, opportunities, people, and nature, their music weaves alternative, folk, and pop together to create a beautiful fusion of talent.

The three magic giants are Austin Bisnow, Zambricki Li, and Zang. Each musician has a unique story and a distinct sound, giving Magic Giant a musical aura never before seen and heard. Their diverse instrumentation captures the indie-folk flare that has become synonymous with their name.

Currently on their Magic Misfits tour, they bring the party to every city they visit, and I was fortunate enough that Ann Arbor was on that exclusive list. At the Blind Pig, they were all about connecting with their fans, dancing and jumping around onstage, filling the room with fun and festivity, but also standing in the middle of the crowd with an acoustic set, bringing the heartfelt soul and emotion that shows the power of their passion. Watching them perform with exuberance and never-ending smiles made me an even bigger fan of their music and their personalities as well.

The message Magic Giant conveys is one of adventure and harmony and vulnerability. Their music plants a confidence within you that grows with their lyrical support. As they say themselves, “You don’t have to be big to be a GIANT.”

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Ryan J , Executive Producer
Portland, OR He/Him

Ryan is a multi-hyphenate digital creative/creator and the founder of downinthepit. You can reach him at [email protected]. #catchyouinthepit


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