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The Timbre of Cedar’s journey to restore the light


The Timbre of Cedar’s journey to restore the light

In a world of seemingly-overwhelming darkness, the key to overcoming this struggle lies in restoring the light. The Timbre of Cedar, an indie-rock group from the Metro Detroit area, works to restore that light through their soul-stirring music.

It all started with a simple love for music and a yearning for a sense of belonging in a lost world. In 2014, now wife and husband Marrissa Parham (lead vox, keys) and Sam Parham (bass, vox) planted the seeds for what would blossom to become The Timbre of Cedar. Along the way, it has grown to include Alex Rahill (guitar, vox), Eric Grzyb (drums), and Andrew Grzyb (guitar, vox), all priceless pieces on this band’s journey toward hope and redemption. Together, these five musicians bring to the stage a mystical force that reignites the soul and enlightens the future, calming any turmoil and reassuring some hope.

Given the opportunity to see them perform at The Ark in Ann Arbor, I can personally attest to the heartwarming sincerity and passion that this band pours into every note. Their faith is transcribed in every word Marrissa belts out with her simultaneously fragile and strong voice. It is this hope that radiates off the stage in the form of instrumental melodies or cinematic rock. Their music is a powerful driving force to get through life, to persevere in the face of fear, to fight and never give up. What comfort these musicians find in producing and performing this music, they successfully convey to their listeners as well. Even for the non-religious, The Timbre of Cedar is bound to inspire a self-reflection that can brighten any future.

So far, they have released a self-titled EP and a full-length album, Restoring the Light. They just finished a string of acoustic shows that, while lacking electric guitars and a drum set, electrified the audience nonetheless. The talent found in The Timbre of Cedar is amazing, but what is more amazing is their warm, kind personalities, their ability to keep their own heads up, and their power to use music to lift others’ heads up as well. Simply put: The Timbre of Cedar is amazing.

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