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Vinyl Theatre – Ones To Watch Tour

Vinyl Theatre


Vinyl Theatre – Ones To Watch Tour

Along with Finish Ticket, Vinyl Theatre has been on the Ones To Watch tour these past few months. From their opening song to the end of their set, Vinyl Theatre made it incredibly hard to hold still and take photos, it was hard not to dance instead. Vinyl Theatre made Kilby Court feel like an arena. The sold out show felt like it was for at least 2,000, rather than 200. With a packed room, Keegan, Chris, and Josh really filled us all with enough energy to last through the set, Finish Ticket’s set, and through the night.

While this tour is over, there’s a huge future ahead for Vinyl Theatre. This isn’t the beginning, but it’s far from the end. If you missed this tour, keep your eyes open for another. Make sure you’re paying attention, too. There are rumors of a new album coming, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on that!

Keegan, Chris, and Josh are all incredible guys. After their shows, it’s not uncommon to spot them outside the venue. We had the chance to exchange a few words and snap a quick photo. Though quite exhausted, they were happy to converse.

It’s incredible to be able to watch bands like Vinyl Theatre grow. Although they lost a member just before, they just co-headlined their very own tour. On top of that, they sold out several shows, too.

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