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“Wet” Teases New Album


“Wet” Teases New Album

“Wet” Teases New Album

I first heard of the band Wet about two years ago, when one of my friends introduced me to their song “I Don’t Want To Be Your Girl.” I was immediately drawn to how Kelly Zutraus (the lead singers) had the ability to sing rather heavy lyrics with a very light and minimalistic voice. My favorite song off their 2016 album Don’t You has to be “Small and Silver.” Wet’s electronic, almost etheral music is easy on the ears while also having the ability to transport you into memories from past heart breaks you may have tried to forget.

Naturally, I was ecstatic when I discovered Wet will be releasing an album this year (!!!). The new album, entitled Still Run, has a track list of ten songs. Three of them have been released as a preview for the album, including the song Wet has chosen as the single, “Lately.”

“Lately,” which parallels their older music the most out of the three released songs, has an 80’s-esque opening, a steady drum beat in the chorus, and breathy lyrics. I appreciate how Wet has stuck to their signature sound  (gentle voices, chill harmonies, and striking lyrics) while simulatenously seeming more mature than their 2016 album. Another song on the pre-release is “Softens,” which feels more like an uplifting ballad, similar to the message that Kesha’s “Praying” or Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” The last teaser on the album is a song called “There’s A Reason.” The song jumps right into Kelly’s emotional lyrics with a more upbeat, fast paced beat while still keeping with her consistent theme of self reflection on her relationships.

Relatable and laid back, Wet is a perfect for a rainy day (no pun intended). I have no doubt that the rest of their album will be a treat for the ears.

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Alexandra Rothman is a media and journalism student studying at the University of Miami. She currently is spending her spring semester in Los Angeles, where she is taking classes and working as an intern for a public relations firm. Her two favorite things are music, and her yorkie-poo named Maci.


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