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Yale Kids on a Trampoline


Yale Kids on a Trampoline

Yale Kids on a Trampoline

College is a wild time, filled with busy schedules and and the imminent reality of the world. One of the things you feel intensely all of a sudden is how nostalgic you suddenly get for the childhood that has suddenly disappeared as you face responsibilities. Yale indie student band Vern Matz reconciles this discordant reality and fantasy through the best way possible: song. Their 2017 debut single “Trampolines” has some news for you — that thing you wish you could get back? You never had it, and this song brings out the nostalgia for that illusion just out of your reach.

It begins with a simple acoustic strum from Daniel Belgrad and a melodic piano foundation played by Michael Lituchy. Then, Belgrad lays out the gentle vocals that bring you along for the roller coaster of emotions and memories the song evokes. He doesn’t croon and scream to get this feeling across. Instead, his vulnerable voice keeps it casual and conversational, and that makes it relatable.

Finally, in the last minute, Noah Silvestry comes in with the drum set, laying a beat that gradually crescendos, bringing the rest of the instrumental synth and guitar noise with it toward the song’s chaotic climax seconds before it withers away and the song ends — just like that elusive childhood you just spent four minutes longing for again.

Their self-titled debut EP was released early this year, and it is filled with similar songs about confusion of what is lost and forever unattainable and how to approach the uncertain future. Their songs do not carry a pessimistic tone, however. This uneasiness excites the band, and they convey this emotion to their listeners of all ages, but especially their college-aged peers.

Now, I want to go jump on the trampoline I never owned and think back to a world I never knew.

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