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YouTube Paid The Music Industry $1.8B In Past Year

YouTube Paid The Music Industry $1.8B In Past Year

From October 2017 to September 2018, YouTube has paid the music industry $1.8 Billion in advertising revenue. In total, the industry has seen over $6 Billion from YouTube ad revenue.

The 2018 “How Google Fights Piracy” report explains how Google is combatting online piracy and ensuring opportunities for creators worldwide. The report shows Google and YouTube have invested over $100 Million to build Content ID, a “first of its kind copyright management system” that gives rightsholders tools to monitor and manage works on YouTube.

Over 98 percent of copyright issues on YouTube are handled through Content ID, rather than the notice-and-takedown process, the report shares. 98 percent of the claims within Content ID in 2017 were automated – meaning the work was automatically identified and appareled the copyright owner’s preferred action, with no need for manual intervention on behalf of the owner.

More numbers from this year’s Google Piracy report:

  • $3 billion+: The amount YouTube has paid to rights holders who have monetized use of their content in other videos through Content ID, our industry-leading rights management tool.
  • $100 million+: The amount we’ve invested in building Content ID, including staffing and computing resources.
  • 3 billion+: The number of URLs that were removed from Search for infringing copyright since launching a submission tool for copyright owners and their agents.
  • 10 million+The number of ads that were disapproved by Google in 2017 that were suspected of copyright infringement or that linked to infringing sites.
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